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The salon uses natural, pure products from Weleda (www.weleda.nl). One of the basic principles of Weleda is to be "in harmony with nature and the human being." When developing its skincare products, Weleda never looses sight of this relationship with nature. Everything Weleda does, from the choice of raw materials to the way these ingredients are processed, is tailored to preserve this harmony as carefully as possible.

Weleda adheres to high-quality standards:

  • Bio-dynamic cultivation
  • Natural, pure raw materials
  • Regular quality control
  • No synthetic preserving agents or colouring
  • Natural fragrances
  • No animal testing

The beauty specialists who work with Weleda are professionally trained so that they are proficient to carry out the special Weleda beauty treatments. Manon underwent such training and is qualified to call herself a ‘Weleda Partner Beauty Specialist’. An extra guarantee for you that Weleda’s demanding standards will be followed to the letter!

Weleda continues to achieve the highest accolades from the press, public and environmental and consumer organizations. For example Weleda was judged Best Cosmetic Brand 2004 – 2006 by Ökotest (the German consumer association) and again in 2007 came out best in the tests on 18 products as ‘extremely good’. http://www.weleda.nl/index.php?id=1184

In 2008 Weleda was voted Best Eco-Friendly Range in the Essentials Beauty Awards 2008 in July. The Essentials awards scheme was launched in 2007 by the British monthly women's magazine of the same name. In 2007 the fragrant Wild Rose Body Lotion was voted Best No-Guilt Eco-Chic Body Lotion. Recognizing increasing interest amongst their readers for natural and environmentally friendly products, Essentials has introduced the new Eco-Friendly category to their awards, saying enthusiastically about Weleda:

"There's something for all the family to use, the packaging is recyclable, and the bio-dynamically grown ingredients mean you can do your bit for the environment and feel pampered at the same time".

In 2005 the independent global campaigning organization for the environment, Greenpeace (www.greenpeace.com), carried out an investigation into harmful substances used in cosmetics. Weleda’s products were judged particularly favourably and the details are published in a booklet entitled MOOI (beautiful) available in Manon’s salon.